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  • MEMS - Tiny all-rounders

    MEMS, microelectromechanical systems, are integrated in many everyday products. The new DELO adhesives with their unique combination of properties are in line with the MEMS trend.

    An all-round jet valve that sets new standards!

    The cutting-edge actuator system in combination with consistently modular design makes it possible to set new standards as regards the lifetime and system availability!

    Now with a content of 30 ml and integrated fill level sensor

    This new foil cartridge enables bubble-free adhesive dispensing and maximum emptying.
  • DELO's adhesives are stepping on it!

    Newly developed adhesives for chip and sensor casting in the engine compartment with outstanding chemical and temperature resistance.
  • Quadruple power in just one head!

    DELOLUX 50 x4 has 4 LEDs in its lamp head, providing a significantly enlarged irradiation area, high intensity and flexibility thanks to interchangeable lenses.
  • More efficient, faster, more reliable!

    DELOLUX 202 / 400 shines in a completely innovative lamp design - a guarantor for reliable adhesive curing.
    - 2014-10-09
    - 2014-11-12
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